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Background Information

I bring integrity, intelligence, & energy to whatever I do.

Need to meet a deadline? A highly skilled researcher, writer and skilled content provider, I accelerate solutions, meeting many needs by thinking "outside the box." I even won the first two grants proposals I'd ever written.

Ask about my Social Media Savvy Kit, a 2-part CD that provides you with effective, online marketing tools and an overall awareness of how and why they work. Charitable fundraising/awareness campaigns and organizations, private enterprises and even individuals can benefit from it.

My bi-lingual expertise in accomplishing diverse tasks includes logistics, implementation and completion in Hebrew and English. An unusual level of patience and a healthy sense of humor put my clients at ease.

I speak in live appearances and on radio about diverse topics (no "dead air" with me!).

I can record voice-overs in Spanish, English and Hebrew. I'm the voice for a ClinicMedia medical video about cardiac health.

Specialties:Medical and mainstream journalism, book reviews, feature stories & PR materials. I also do public speaking.

Author of stress-busting, cost-cutting E-book "EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge." It sells worldwide at http://www.booklocker.com/books/4244.html.

Medical and mental health professionals recommend it! The book helps you to get your grin back despite illness or disability.

Media Appearances.

Teaching Social Media Savvy 1:1 and in groups.

Her topics
Health, weight-control, happiness, coping with adversity

Links to sites listing books
EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print or E- book http://tinyurl.com/mycrisis-book

Topics on which you are available to consider speaking engagements

Health, weight-control, happiness, coping with adversity, medical resources worldwide

Dennis:  Do you have any limitations on speaking engagements such as location?

Yocheved:  I live in Israel and prefer not to travel at this time.

Contact information:

giveretgolani@gmail.com E-mail contact info for broadcasters interested in interviewing me.
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