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This web site has an excellent source for writers.  It has a writers forum which I constanty use.  You can generate a topic and post to other topics.  I access this site daily and learn much from the articles, newsletter and forum which has a wide range of topics.

This is a press release distribution organization which you can use for free or contribute when generating a news release for any product that you want to market.
This the web site for the American Writers and Artists Institute.  They also have a newsletter with information that is beneficial to writers.
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Writing Newsletter Links and Writing Links with comments
This site is another good source for writers.  It has a newsletter, articles associated with writing and  has an option for author interviews. It also has a list of columinists which provide articles from their experiences. It also has a free article on Dare to be published and is an excellent source of information from 50 authors on writing, getting published and marketing.  I highly recommend this article for any writer or would be writer.
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The links provided on this page are for easy access to any page on this site.  The writing links are for your use and I feel they are beneficial if you are pursuing a writing career or are already established.  If you find any link that does not work, please e-mail me and I will re-establish it.  .
This is an excellent site with much information.  It has a writers directory, market listings, a forum and author interviews which are extensive..  
This site has excellent articles and information that is beneficial to writers such as website promotion, How to make money with your website and other articles associated with the design.
I found this site through the writersweekly.com Forum.  It has great information that I feel is useful for people wanting to be writers.  Check it out. 
This site has excellent information and resources for writers including free articles.
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This site offers a large amount of information from many different writers.  Check it out.