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Fifteen Dynamic Qualities of Leadership
This article is great and was generated by Craig Lock who has given permission for this article to be posted on this site per the publishing guidelines. . 
Hold Tight To Your Integrity
This article was written by Josh Hinds and was posted on this site per the publishing guidelines. 
How To Make Your Wildest Dreams
Come True
This article is great and was generated by Craig who has given permission for this article to be posted on this site per the publishing guidelines included in the article.  It has a quote about integrity under item 8 in the fifteen steps to fulfilling your dreams
This page will have articles by other writers that I have received in newsletters or submitted to me for publication on this site from the writers identified.
Why We Give Away Free Information
by Jill Black
This article gives some good information on why we give away free information.  It is great.
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This page was last updated: March 31, 2009
Every 1000-Watt Station Can Help a Strategy
for Today's Talk Radio Scene
by Marsha Friedman.
This is a good article on using the radio advantage.
Create a Powerful Press Kit
by Dawn Josephson
This article has great information on the reasons for a press kit and the items that should be part of it.
40 + Ways To Make Your Next Book
Signing an EVENT By Larry James
Hot Tips for Getting Book Endorsements
By Larry James
How to Book a Books Signing and Other Important Stuff  By Larry James
Radio Station Checklist "Stuff" You Need to Know & Do BEFORE You Go On the Air by Larry James
Self Promote or Disappear
By Larry James
What is Your Website's Page Rank (PR) By Larry James
Always Sign Your Books By Larry James
The articles noted below by Larry James are great.  I recommend you check them out.  They have valuable information for any writer/author.  If you would like to reprint any of these articles follow the instructions at the end of the article your reading. 
Retaining Customer Loyalty by
Scott F. Geld
Marketing by Scott F. Geld
Identifying Your Niche Market by Desmond Mantor
Implement Good Marketing Ideas by Scott F. Geld
Internet Marketing:  Mistakes to Avoid
by Desmond Mantor
Listening Your Book Into Being

by Naomi Rose
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How to Effectively Set Goals and Reach Them

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