Women in American History S
Muriel Siebert
Known as the first woman of finance
Margaret Chase Smith
First woman to serve in both Houses of Congress
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Author, most known for Uncle Tom's Cabin
Hannah Wilkinson Slater
First American woman granted a patent
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Louisa Swain
First woman to vote in a general election
Susanana Salter
Elected the first American elected mayor in Argonna, Kansas
Mary Sutton
First American woman to win Wimbledon
Lucy Stone
Founded the American Woman Suffrage Association
Helen Stewart
Played a key role in the development of Las Vegas.  Dubbed the First Lady of Las Vegas
Belle Star
First woman to be tried for a serious crime
Margaret Sanger
Founded the Natural Birth Control League, Planned Parenthood of American and International Planned Parenthood Federation