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Below is information about the author Warren Mueller and his availability to speak on the topics listed.  He is available to speak within 100 miles of St. Louis, Missouri.  After reading his information if you wish to contact him to arrange a speaking event click on the link below: 
His topics are:

Practical living

Theological subjects based on the Bible
Warren was raised in the Milwaukee area and attended church but never studied the Bible. He was just "going through the motions" of religion when he met a deacon from a different church who showed him what the Bible says about our sinful condition and how to be forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ. This spiritual birth resulted in a radical change in behavior that almost ended his marriage.

Even though it might have cost him everything, he committed that he would not deny the change that he had experienced or the new love of his life. God honored this and his wife, Diane, was born again about one year later. Warren's children, a son and daughter, accepted Jesus as Savior when they were young. Today Mindy and Jacob are in their twenties. His first grandchild, Dylan, was born on Valentine’s Day in 2005.

His love for God’s Word led him to join the Gideons in 1988. He has spoken in over 100 churches, served as a deacon, taught Sunday
school and many small groups.

Through daily Bible reading and prayer for the past 27 years, Warren  came to realize the fundamental need for understanding and memorizing scripture. Many Christians limit their relationship with Jesus by relying on others to define it through religious observances and beliefs. There is no substitute for personal searching the Bible to better know God and walk in His ways. Theologians and other Christians can be helpful but should not replace or define the personal relationship with Jesus. This belief led me to write my first book titled “Truth Seeker: Straight Talk From The Bible.”

Below is information about one of Max's books titled Truth  Seeker
TRUTH SEEKER is for everyone who has ever wondered “What does the Bible really say about…” It is a concise and objective summary of many practical living and theological topics supported by numerous quotes. You will be surprised by some of the popular religious ideas that are not found in the Bible.

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