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Power of Prayer

Location availability:
Pinellas and West Coast Counties in Florida

Valerie is a woman of faith and enjoys life and all her blessings. She is not wealthy but is certainly rich. She is a typical American that has hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, yet she never gives up. She believes in the promise of tomorrow.

"I Must Be in Heaven, a promise kept" is an  inspirational love story about two ordinary people that have spent an extraordinary life together, all because they fell in love. (It all began in  1962. Life was simpler ....but puppy love was real.)

Valerie Anne Faulkner's unique ability to tell this heartwarming story of life, love, and faith is the premise of this book......

The information provided below about author Valerie Ann Faulkner is being provided to become familiar with what she has done and what she is doing.  The topics listed on this page and the locations are ones for which she is available to speak.  If after reading the information and you wish to contact Valerie to schedule a speaking engagement you can contact her through the link to her site below.
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