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The following paragraphs are the terms for using information on this site.  I have tried to keep them simple and easy to understand.
1.  Articles posted on this site are for the benefit of any visitors.  Any article that is posted can be used freely printed without cost unless there is a notation underneath that states otherwise.

2.  Articles that require consideration will have the conditions clearly identified.

3.  Any links that are posted to any pages such as the bookstores, marketing links, search engines, bookseller associations and writing links are placed on the site for use by any visitor free of charge.  The lists posted are an attempt to have a collection of information in one place that I consider beneficial especially for beginning or experienced writers.

4.  If you find the information on this site beneficial, please let me know by e-mail.  
I appreciate any feedback.

5.  I wish to make this site the best that I can to help any beginning writer or experienced writer achieve their goals.  To do this if there are any suggestions for making this site better, I would consider them.  If they are not copyrighted, I will add them if it agrees with the purpose of this site.  
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The links provided on this page are for easy access to any page on this site.  If you find any that do not work, please e-mail me and I will re-establish it.
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