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This page was last updated: March 13, 2009
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Once Written
Our Voice Matters
Organized Writer
Right Writing
This site offers information to help writers in the process of writing and publishing.  It has great articles that benefit writers 
Has tons of free information including resources, writers sites and free articles
A site for new and emerging authors
A site to promote free speech.  It allows articles on any subject.
Authors & Speakers Network
This site is excellent and is a wealth of knowledge and is a good resource for articles on various topics of use to authors.
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Words and Poetry - Reviews
Published Words and Poems of Authors and Poets from around the Globe - An oasis for the joy of writing - Critiques, proofing, book publishing, poetry contest, chapbook, author and poet showcase.
This site is a resource for authors to list their events and find local organizations that are looking for speakers by zip code whether you are traveling or in your local area.  Check it out