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Eastern half of the United States and as far west as Arkansas.

Below is some information about the author Shirley Dicks and what she has done and what she is doing.  She is available to speak on the topics listed below.  If after reading the information you wish to contact Shirley about a speaking engagement you can contact her through the link to her web site below.

Shirley moved to Tn when her oldest son was wrongly convicted and sent to death row. She started writing at this time and wrote their story and then went on to write other books. Her life story was the third one published after Death Row, and Victims. Then she wrote From Vietnam To Hell, Congregation of the Condemned, Young Blood, Road Angels, Long Journey Home, The Choice Is Yours and A Mothers Torment.

She wrote articles that were published in magazines and was on Geraldo, Maury, Sally, Jerry Springer, Rolonda and The Shirley SHow in Canada. The BBC then did a documentary on my life that was play ed overseas.

Her youngest son and her spoke out on the Journey of Hope each year in a different state. That's two weeks of speaking out against the death penalty and more violence, creating more victims. Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking also speaks out on the Journey as does Sam Shepperd who is the son of Dr Sam Shepherd convicted of killing his mother and sentenced to die. Sam has spent his whole life trying to prove his innocence. The movie, THe Fugitive is based on his story.

She also went on TN death row and five of the guys came out to do a DVD called The Choice Is Yours where they talk to the kids about the dangers of doing drugs, alcohol and hanging in gangs, and wiht the wrong kind of people. The video she takes to schools and speaks to the kids to try and stop them before they end up in prison, or death row.

When her oldest son was killed in 99, she started the Jeff Dicks Coalition, to save prisoners from medical neglect, and to stop the murdering of these prisoners by being denied their medication.

Last year she lost my youngest and only son left, and since then she has'nt been able to speak out. She will be sending out her book to see about getting it made into a movie. She never knew which company took out the option so will just have to send it out blind....

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