Roger Ellerton, Speaker

Effective Communication at Work and Home
Five Steps for Success
Taking Charge of Your Life
Rapport: Your Pathway to Success
Proven Principles to Guide Your Life
Getting the Most Out of Your Business Meetings
Setting and Achieving Meaningful Outcomes
Hire the Right People and Keep Them
Understanding and Appreciating Others
Understanding and Facilitating Organizational Change

For over thirty years, Roger has been helping individuals, from all walks of life and all ages to learn, to address challenges at work and at home and to get more of what they desire in life. He has accomplished this as a tenured faculty member at the University of New Brunswick, an executive in the Canadian federal government, a certified management consultant (CMC), a coach, a business, personal growth and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer and as an author and international public speaker.

He is the author of the highly successful books "Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You" and "Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: 5 Step Action Plan" plus many articles, twelve of which have been published in recognized research journals. He is a well-respected trainer, coach and public speaker; having been listed in the International Who�s Who in Education. Roger delivers his trainings and presentations with humour, caring and a personal touch. Participants have traveled from across Canada, the United States and as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Taiwan and Japan to be in his classes.

For over fifteen years, he has been - and continues to be - a student of personal development methodologies; thus transforming his own life and assisting others to do so as well. Roger is the founder and managing partner of Renewal Technologies Inc., a company providing management of change and personal growth consulting, coaching, public speaking and training services. He is a certified NLP trainer and has been delivering NLP practitioner and master practitioner training from Virginia Tech. since 1996. Roger received his BSc. and MSc. from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and PhD

To learn more about Roger and his books, please visit or or contact Roger at

Roger is based in Ontario, Canada and is available for keynote presentations, conferences, retreats, team building sessions and workshops in Canada and the USA.

Below is information about the author Roger Ellerton and his available to speak on the topics listed.  The information provides background and activities for which he has been involved.  If you would like to contact Roger click on the link toward the end of the information to contact him to arrange aspeaking engagement
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