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Below is some background information about Rita Gray and her topics for which she is available to speak on Weekends on the East coast.  After reading the list of topics and you wish to contact her click on the link to her web site below.
As the mother of a child who was in a life threatening accident and then diagnosed with high risk leukemia a year later, I have "been there and felt that." TLC for Parents of Seriously Ill Children offers parents hope to cope. Whether your child was born with a birth defect, has survived a life altering accident, or has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease, this book is for you.

The workbook is divided into three sections. First, we deal with the caregiver-the parent. This is the last person who typically gets care. We'll deal with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of caring for a seriouly ill child.

Next, we deal with caring for the clan - the other children, the extended family and the often neglected spouse. We look at finances, insurance and relationships.

Finally, we deal with caring for the seriously ill child. We also look at the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects in caring for the child.

Speaking Topics:

Caring for Special Needs Children

Caring for Children with Cancer

Encouraging parents of special needs

Encouraging parents of cancer children

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