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Background information

Growing up as a blind person, Rebekah has developed a unique view on life. She has learned the importance of looking for the inner beauty in a person. After getting involved with the National Federation of the Blind, she has also learned not to let her blindness stop her from reaching for the stars. Now, she is dedicated to writing inspiring stories for all ages to share her different beliefs with others.

Media Appearances:
I will be featured in the NFB’s newspaper, The Blind Coloradan. It is a paper featuring news about what is happening in the blind world.

Speaking Topics:
I wish to speak about my book and any topics involved with it such as Christianity, blindness, disabilities, or teen issues and support.

Do you have any limitations on speaking engagements such as location?

Yes, I would prefer not to travel outside of my state, Colorado, though occasionally I might be willing to.

Contact information:
Phone: 719-306-5151
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