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Quality Writing and Services to make a difference
Services Provided
    I am a person with a wide degree of experience. If you wish additional details see the about us page.
    I will perform and help any writer and provide my inputs to the marketing process whether it be a book or other product.  I have learned much about the process and will gladly share information that I have gained to especially help future writers.  Other services are noted below:

    Presentations on integrity principles
    Presentations on establishing a course for training others
    Presentations on quality auditing principles.
    Presentations on marketing a book.
    Write Position Descriptions
    Customized Articles
    Customized newsletters
    Write Quality Operating Procedures
    Presentations on quality system requirements, auditing and planning documents
    Presentations on Business Ethics Pledge Movement

  Presentations will be provided for a fee or free dependent upon the organization involved.  Anyone interested in having me as a speaker please e-mail me.  Speaking presentations are limited by travel restrictions. If I cannot accept an offer, I will attempt to put people making a request in contact with any person or organization that may be able to satisfy your needs.
   Articles on integrity, quality auditing, quality management and training will be provided upon request and agreement in writing as to compensation.  Some articles may be provided free dependent upon the organization involved.
Services listed above will be provided free to nonprofit groups dependent upon the organization.  Commercial organizations or groups will require a fee, the amount of which will be dependent upon the amount of work contracted.  If you are interested in my services, please e-mail me to discuss your requests and any compensation that may be involved.  Presentations have geographical limitations. 
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