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This page was last updated: January 2, 2017
This page will provide links to my blog sites.  It will also provide a list of the articles which I have posted on various blog sites. 
Integrity Today
Qualifications of Teachers
Job Qualifications
.Integrity of Candidates in
Political Campaigns
Scare Tactics in Election
Using Information Contained in
Court Documents Filed
Integrity of Teachers
American Heroes
To view all the articles listed below use the following link:
Making Decisions Based On
Public Poll Surveys
Perception and Integrity
Integrity in Voting on Amendments
to Legislation
Permission to Think
Integrity in Revising Ethics/Integrity Rules

Leadership and Integrity
Integrity in Gas Prices
Business Ethics Pledge Movement
Integrity in Political Mailings
Integrity in National Legislation
Integrity in Local Legislation
Integrity in Emails
Integrity in Restaurant Service
Integrity in Eminent Domain Actions
Integrity in Applying for Jobs
Audit Integrity
Integrity on the Internet
Academic Integrity
Integrity in Book Sales
Integrity Responsibilities of an Author
Integrity In Cancelling Interviews 
Personal Integrity
Integrity in Parole Board Functions
Integrity in Organizations Handling Foster Care
Integrity and Ethics on the Internet
Integrity in Senate Confirmation Hearings
Blocking of Votes on Amendments in Congress
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