Michael Schindler Jr, Speaker
Below is information about the author Michael Schindler and what he has done and is doing.  Topics for which he is available to speak and the location is provided below.  If afterreading the information you wish to arrange a speaking engagement you can contact him through the web site link provided below. 
He is the author of the book Operation Military Family: How to Fight to Preserve the Military Family that is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2007. The book will go on advance sale starting September

Passion. This best describes what drives Michael to see marriages improve across the board, especially in the military. The men and women that serve our nation are the strength of our nation...and the glue that holds many of them together, their marriages, often loses its bond because there is little mentorship. The military is changing this and I am a small part in bringing attention to those changes.

I am the grateful father of two beautiful and smart girls and a very fortunate husband to my beautiful wife.


Strengthening military marriages and

DECIDE to be the change you want to be

Location availability:  Seattle, Washington but will travel.
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