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Radio Interview (PodCast) February 7, 2006
Each TothWorld episode can be downloaded just like any audio file .

An I-Pod is not required. Any PC or Mac will do. Visit, then right-click the "Direct Download" link for the episode of your choice.  Save "file," "link" or "target" (the labels depend upon your browser) to desktop.

Double-click the downloaded file. Listen using any media player. 

I-Pod users should drag the file into their appropriate I-Tunes folder or subscribe via I-Tunes. 

The above link takes you to the site to download my interview and a list of other authors that have been interviewed.  The information below identifies the process for downloading the interviews.
The link above connects you to an interview that was broadcast and recorded on March 19, 2005 on station KTIE 590am in Long Beach, California.  When reaching the page click on the link to Dennis AuBuchon.  It will take you to the page where you can listen to the Interview 
Local Television Station WKRC-TV Channel 12 Interviewed me about my book Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition.  There is no link to the interview but you can go to WKRC-TV and click on the troubleshooter link and search for an article titled Getting Published: You Don't Have to Pay a Bundle of Money 
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Achieve Radio
I had a live interview on this site August 8, 2006 on Bookmarketing with Fran.  The host was Francine Silverman.  To find the interview click on the link above and then click on hosts and schedules in the upper left corner.  Go down to the Tuesday listings and click on the more information link under Rrancine Silverman.  You will find my interview posted under August 8, 2006.  was interviewed
The link above is for an interview I had on October 11, 2007 with host Revvell Revati.  She has interviewd several authors   Check them out.
Author Be Known
The link above takes you to an interview I had on September 25, 2007 with host Lillian Cauldwell
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Blog Talk Radio Interview June 2, 2008
All Things That Matter:  Host Phil Harris
The link below will take you to the page where my interview from 6/2/2008 is posted.  You can play the interview if you are a registered user of blog talk radio or you can download the file and save it on your computer.  To get to the download option click on Phi Harris and the option to play or download will be provided. The interview is 60 minutes long and primarily talks about integrity in business.  Registration is free.
Video interview with CET (Public Broadcasting System) local station in Cincinnati, Ohio August 25, 2008.  Below is the link.  Once on the page go to the lifelong learning tab to access the interview.  The interview is about my book Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition.
Link to Interview on Introducing Authors program on Blog Talk Radio with Kim Smith June 25, 2009
Link to interview on on November 11, 2009.  Go down the page to the list under the A's and for my book Integrity Do You Have It?.  Click on the link to download the interview (1 hour)
Link to author show interview from December 5, 2009 to be broadcasted 1/28/2010
Link to Interview posted on selling
February 23, 2011
Link to Interview posted on Writers and Authors Website
February 8, 2009