Links to Marketing web sites
This is an excellent source of marketing information which I have used much.  It has information on bookstores and  free reports to increase marketing potential for yourself or your product (s). 

This is an excellent source of newspapers to generate an e-mail to distribute information about yourself or your product.  It will provide a method to increase exposure throughout the world. .
This site is for a virtual marketing source of information.  It has a newsletter to which you can subscribe with valuable information.
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This site allows you to search for radio stations by city and state for locating possible marketing opportunities.  It has links to many stations and provides program schedules and topics
My Quality
Quality Writing and Services to Make a Difference
This link provides connections to newspapers and magazines thorughout the United States and the world. This can be used to promote books through sending press releases to various newspapers and magazines anywhere..
Has information on accessing radio programs for interviews and has tips related to this activity.
Has articles on promoting a web site and has links to places accepting articles.
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The links on this page are provided for your use as you wish.  If you find any link that does not work, please e-mail me and I will re-establish it.
This is an excellent source for discovering site that wish to exchange links and/or will link to your site without a requirement to exchange.  You choose the sites you wish to link to.  I have already had my site added to several.
Links to You
This site offers free registration of a URL for business purposes by city and state.  I have added my site to this list.
Internet fiction is a site for both published and unpublished writers, columnists, article writers and musicians. The impetus behind the site's inception is to provide a space for writers and others where they can showcase their work.
A "one-stop" shop for free information and ebooks on the subject of Internet marketing. You will also find the "best of the best" pay-for resources
NOTE:  There are 50 free e-books on this stie with a variety of information.  I have reviewed the first one and find it excellent for its content and links that are identified in it.
This site provides a method to promote books by authors and has 15  categories to choose from.  It is for anyone interested in books.  To add your site is free.
This site provides custom logo carpets for tradeshows and lobbies.  They can design anything you can imagine, any size.
This site offers free ads anywhere in the United Statels.  I have used it and it is easy to use.  There is a limit of 10 free ads.  I highly recommend it.
Free Classified Ads.  This is a great site to visit and use the tools and information available
Copywriting and marketing tips
Profit Masters and Emerald Passport with Profit Masters
Your Publising Resource.  Offers articles and information for exposure to other writers.
The manual for delivering projects on time and on budget when others can't.
Red provides professional, tailored solutions with commercial focus.
This site has many marketing links to aid in marketing your product or services.
Greater Cincinnati Ohio Business Links
This site lists businesses in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.  You can get a free listing and other options are available.  Businesses are primarily for the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.
Newspaper, TV and Radio list links
This stie has a good list of newspapers, TV and radio listings.
Professional Speakers Guild
This site is an organization to help anyone interested in giving speaches.
Speaker Match
This site is geared to connect speakers with organizations looking for speakers.  There is a fee and an associate program where you can earn income from referrals.  The associate program is free.
See Nation
A press release service that is free
Brand Management
GBPR is a Connecticut public relations firm specializing in brand management consulting, Connecticut Media relations consulting, crisis management, and grassroots campaigns.
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