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Louise Lewis is the author of a new book, No Experts Needed: The Meaning Of Life According To You!

She has two decades of experience in marketing and advertising, having held senior-level positions on the client, advertising agency, and ad sales sides of the business.

Louise considers herself a self-growth junkie, continuing to seek light, love, and wisdom in her daily life.

With an innate passion for spiritual growth, she has a strong desire to give back to the world. Along with the inspiration and direction received from Spirit, Louise continues to touch the lives of all she meets.

She volunteers at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Louise earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications at California State University in Fullerton.
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Follow Your Spirit

Location availability:  Southern California
Questions with Louise Lewis.  To find the answers to the questions click on the link below:  I was impressed with the answers.
1.  Louise, when did you first begin to communicate with the one you call ‘spirit’ -- and what did you make of this communication?

2.  Why do you feel you are able to tap into the power of spirit?

3.  What circumstances led you to write No Experts Needed?

4.  While interviewing scores of people for your book, what did you come to conclude about the state of humanity?

5.  How does one come to determine what their meaning of life is?

6.  What do you believe is the meaning of life?

7.  How did you find people coped with severe situations, such as the death of a loved one?
8.  You lost a job after 11 years of loyal service. How did getting laid off change your outlook on life?

9.  You call yourself a “self growth junkie.” How so?

10.  If life happens -- such as divorce, job loss, death -- and no one escapes the unpleasant stuff, how do we confront life?

11.  How should we balance emotions and attitude about our life and the role we play in a world gone mad?

12.  Is the secret to surviving tragedy based on what one believes the meaning of life is?
13.  How can we deal with living in an uncertain time, where we constantly walk through life feeling unnerved by the state of the world?

14.  From the people you have met, what were some of the most interesting perspectives expressed about the meaning of life?

15.  What do you tell someone who doesn’t believe life holds any great meaning for them?

16.  What do you tell someone who doesn’t believe life holds any great meaning for them?

17.  Why do people not talk about the meaning of life more openly and often?
18.  You managed to ask actor Richard Dreyfuss about the meaning of life. What did he say and how did you come to meet him?

19.  Did you interview people victimized by the hurricane Katrina, and if so what did they share with you?.
20.  A lot of people link the meaning of life to their family. Why do you think this is so?
21.  Others believe their meaning in life is linked to God. What do you make of that?