List of Wisconsin Writers Page 5
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Paul Mackendrick

Gordon MacQuarrie

Rick Majerus

David P. Mapes

James Kirby Martin

Terri McCormick

Patrick McGilligan

John McGivern

Terry Meeuwsen

Mike Beacorn

Erin Mirabella

Jacquelyn Mitchard

Elias Molee

Debra Monroe

Beth Moore

Robert F. Momeau

Gerald Morris

Kathryn Morrison

Stuart Moulthrop

Mountain Wolf Woman

Niels Mueller

Edith Nash

Richard Nelson

Lorine Niedecker

Ken Nordine

Michael Norman

Jessica Nelson North

Sterling North

Edward Everett Nourse

Dave Obey

Arielle North Olson

Sgurd F. Olson

Chase Osborn

Milton K. Ozaki

Jim Packard

Lalita Pandit

Zorba Paster

George Wilbur Peck

James Gates Percival

James Breck Perkins

Selig Perlman

Don Perrin

Carlotta Perry

Clay Perry

James L. Perry

Michael Perry

Margot Peters

Robert Peters

Felix Pollak

James Pond

Jessica Powers

Herman Amberg Preus

William Proxmire

Richard Quinney
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