List of New York Writers Page 9
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Larry Neal

Ray Nelson

Daniel Nester

Jack Newfield

Amy Newman

Jack Nichols

Preston Nichols

Mordecai Manuel Noah

Philip Nobile

Idra Novey

Dennis Nurkse

Tea Obreht

Danielle Ofri

Sharon Olds

Jack Oliver

Joseph Olshan

Bill O'Reilly

Meghan O'Rourke

Ron Padgett

David Perkins Page

Noel Parmentel

Ben Parris

Francine Pascal

Linda Pastan

John Howard Payne

George Wilbur Peck

Jean-Paul Pecqueur

Georgia Pellegrini

Otto Penzler

James Breck Perkins

Micah Perlos

Mary Petty

Patrick Phillips

William Phillips

Anthony Piccione

Clifford A. Pickover

David Pietrusza

Suzie Plakson

Edgar Allan Poe

Frederick Pohl

James Pond

Thomas J. Preston, Jr.

Alfred Prettyman

Mark de Solla Price

Thomas Pynchon

Ernesto Quinonez

Jeff Ragsdale

Bill Rasmovicz

John Reed

James Reese

Claire Raphael Reis

David Oliver Relin

Robert Reuland

Donald Revell

Quentin Reynolds

Erik Rhodes

Martha Rhodes

Ronald Ribman

Luanne Rice

Katherine Russell Rich

Jean Rikhoff

Felix Riesenberg

Harold Robbins

Vicki Robin

Jeffrey Robinson

Rochester Poets

John Rockwell

Joseph J. Romm

Andy Rooney

Elliott Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

Christopher Rowley

Richard Russell

Tim Russert

Richard Russo

Kevin Ryan
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