List of New York Writers Page 4
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John Fahy

Linda Fairstein

Eliza Farnham

Kenneth Fearing

Don Feder

Peter Feibleman

Bruce Feiler

David B. Feinberg

Amanda Filipacchi

Annie Finch

Charles Finch

Thomas Fink

Carmen Firan

Susie Fishbein

Lauren Fix

Rolf G. Fielde

Barthold Fles

Jonathan Safran Foer

Charles Henri Ford

Paul Leicester Ford

Michele Foresten

Alan Dean Foster

Geneieve Foster

Paul Foster

Ruth Fowler

Martha Frankel

Ferrin Fraser

Harold Frederic

Benedict Freedman

James Frenkel

Bruce Jay Friedman

Natasha Friend

Joanna Fuhrman

Charles Fuller

Alice Fulton

Alan Furst
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