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Pat Cadigan

Susan Cain

Eric Carle

Margaret Seymour Carpenter

Elizabeth Luther Cary

Frank Case

P. W. Catanese

Willa Cather

John R. Cavanaugh

Ruth Cavin

Tina Chang

Dickey Chapelle

James Chapman

Benjamin Cheever

John Vance Cheney

Alison Chemick

Phyllis Chesler

William Churchill

Laura Claridge

Lewis Gaylord Clark

Clara Clemens

Rose Cleveland

Lucille Clifton

Richard L. Coe

Lisa R. Cohen

Roger Cohen

Frank Moore Colby

Jonathan Coleman

Lonnie Coleman

Harriet Theresa Comstock

Joe Conason

Caroline B. Cooney

Frederic Taber Cooper

Susan Fenimore Cooper

T. Cooper

Christine Coppa

Alfred Corn

Michael G. Comelius

Edward Tanjore Corwin

Robert T. Craig

Cora Craine

Adelaide Crapsey

Jackie Craven

Kambri Crews

Ernest Howard Crosby

Edwin Croswell

Cynthia Cruz
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