List of Missouri Writers Page 3
Candice O'Connor

Arielle North Olsen

Walter J Ong

Ridley Pearson

John J. Pershing

Carl Phillips

Scott Phillips

Ramesh Ponnuru

Ron Powers

Vincent Price

Kevin Prufer

Qiu Xiaolong

Sean Quinn

Vance Randolph

Constance Reid

Richard Rhodes

Charlie Ross

Joseph Franklin Rutherford

Abram Joseph Ryan

Sherod Santos

Pat Schneider

Carl Schurz

Howard Schwartz

James M. Scott

Frederick Seidel

G. S. Sharat Chandra

Rick Skwiot

William Sleator

Agnes Smedley

Jane Smiley

Edgar Snow

Nancy Snyderman

Alfred Henry Spink

Frank Stanford

Wallace Stevens

Terry Teachout

Sara Teasdale

Augustus Thomas

Kay Thompson

Mark W. Tiedermann

Sidney Toler

Tony Tost

Quincy Troupe

Harry S. Truman

Robert C. Tucker

Mark Twain

Mona van Duyn

Robert Vaughan

Elaine Viets

Arthur A. Vogel

Michael Wallis

Margaret Weis

James Whitehead

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Robert Moore Williams

Walter Williams

Lanford Wilson

Shelley Winters

Daniel Woodrell

William F. Wu

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

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