List of Missouri Writers
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Jake Adelstein

Jonis Agee

Zoe Akins

William Albrecht

Edwin Arden

Herbert Asbury

Jabari Asim

Stephen Morehouse Avery

Fran Baker

Winifred Barnum

Henry Bellamann

Sally Benson

Murray Bishoff

Emily Newell Blair

Mark Bowden

Harold Brodkey

Louis Daniel Brodsky

Bob Broeg

Kevin Brown

James von Brunn

Raymond Lee Burke

William S. Burroughs

Marcus Cafagna

Dolores Cannon

David Carkeet

Dale Carnegie

C.J. Cherryh

Kate Chopin

Jill Churchill

Winston Churchill

Teri Clemens

Clara Erskine Clement

Barry Commoner

Bob Costas

Horner Croy

Russell Davis

Lester Dent

Timothy M. Dolan

Thomas Anthony Dooley III

T. S. Elliott

Stanley Elkin

J. Breckenridge Ellis

Michelle Embree

John Wesley Emerson

Eugene Field

Charles G. Finney

John Miles Foley

Jonathan Franzen

Amos Fries

John Gallaher

Julie Garwood

William H. Gass

Diane Glancy

Archie Goodwin

Jesse Root Grant

Lorenzo Greene

Jesse S. Greever

James Gunn
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