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Robie Macauley

Ross McDonald

Malcolm MacVicar

Paul L. Maier

Michael Mallory

Beverly Matherne

Thaddeus McCotter

Raymond McDaniel

Dwayne McDuffie

Thomas McGuane

Terry McMillan

William McPherson

Peter McWilliams

Alice Miel

Steve Miller

John Miller

Elvis Mitchell

Ander Monson

Michael Moore

Kyle Muntz

Jane Murfin

Sharan Newman

Patrick Nielsen

Audrey Niffengger

John Federick Nims

Chase Osborn

Isabel Paterson

Carlotta Perry

Marge Piercy

Patricia Polacco

Michael Porter

Lyall Powers

Dudley Randall

Lewis Reimann

Patricial Relf

Theodore Roethke

Rex M. Rogers

Alma Routsong

Albert Leroy Rule

Ann Rule

Carey Salerno

Henry Schoolcraft

Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

Jon Scieszka

Dan Seaborn

Zelda Sears

Michael Sedge

Ruta Sepetys

Scott Sigler

Nate Silver

Holly Goldberg Sloan

David Small

Joseph Sobran

Chip St. Clair

Doug Stanton

Tom Stanton

Charles J. Starnes

Erin E. Stead

K. J. Stevens

Sarah Stewart

Michael Sturdy

Glendon Swarthout

Chad Sweeney

Jennifer K. Sweeney

Larissa Szporluk
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