List of Massachusetts Writers Page 2
Charles Dudley Daly

Samuel Danforth

Pat DeCola

Horace Dediu

Matthew B. J. Delaney

Corinne Demas


Mark D. Devlin

Timothy Dexter

Monica Dickens

Emily Dickinson

John Dodge

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

William Douglass

Amy Dryansky

Andre Dubus III

Eleanor Duckett

Paul Dudley

Oliver Dyer

Dossie Easton

Walter D. Edmonds

Peter Elbow

Samuel Eliot

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ephraim Emerton

Will Eno

Melissa Febos

Don Feder

Ellen Feld

Greg R. Fishbone

Constantine Fitzgibbon

Hallie Flanagan

Charles L. Flint

Florence Littauer

Nick Flynn

Raymond Flynn

Esther Forbes

Sam Walter Foss

Hannah Webster Foster

Benjamin Franklin

Fred Marchant

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

John P. Frey

Florida Friebus

Hiram Fuller

Margaret Fuller

Charles W. Furlong

Jacques Futrelle
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