List of Massachusetts Writers
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Janet Aalfs

Anne Abbott

Pearl Abraham

Hannah Adams

John Adams

Tom Agna

Louisa May Alcott

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Horatio Algier, Jr.

Sasha Alyson

Amy Holden Jones

Benjamin Anastas

Stephen Pearl Andrews

Joseph Anthony

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Horsea Ballou

Molly Bang

Charles William Bardeen

Sylvester Baxter

John Beach

Nikole Beckwith

William M. Beecher

Jay R. Berkovitz

Jacob Bigelow

Mike Birbiglia

Swen Birkerts

Elizabeth Bishop

Mary Blewett

Eric Bogosian

Nancy Bond

Clement Lincoln Bouve

Tom Bowman

Gerald Warner Brace

Stephanie Braxton

Addison Brown

William Slater Brown

William Wells Brown

William Cullen Bryant

Oni Buchanan

Thomas Bullinch

Bo Burnham

Jason M. Burns

John Horne Burns

Christopher Bursk

Witter Bynner

Louis C. K.

Robert Ellis Cahill

Walter Bradford Cannon

Margaret Seymour Carpenter

Howie Carr

Christopher Castellani

Paul A. Chadbourne

Mary Ellen Chase

Dan Chiasson

David Lee Child

Helen Krich Chinoy

William S. Clark

Pearl Cleage

Clara Erskine Clement

Gene D. Cohen

Kate Colby

Hilda Conkling

Frank Cooke

Tim Costello

Hannah Mather

E. E. Cummings

Jacob Abbot Cummings

Maria Susanna Cummins

Daniel Curley

Robert Cutler
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