List of Maine Writers Page 3

Ira Sadoff

Carey Salerno

Colin Sargent

Minot Judson Savage

Eugene T. Sawyer

Jess C. Scott

Elizabeth Searle

Betsy Sholl

Mark Sisson

Elizabeth Oakes Smith

Ruel Perley Smith

Jeff Stein

C. J. Stephens

Kevin St. Jarre

Arthur Stratton

Kevin Sullivan

Matt Tavares

Celia Thaxter

Ella Cheever Thayer

Mary Agnes Thayer

Bartlett Tripp

Cor Van den Heuvel

Lea Wait

David Atwood Wasson

Jane Weinberger

E. B. White

Nathaniel Parker Willis

Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Donald Wismer

Henry Winterfeld

Geoffrey Wolff

Christine Young
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