List of Louisiana Writers Page 2
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James McClure

John Maginnis

William March

Camille Martin

Beverly Matherne

Cleopatra Mathis

Patricia Maxwell

James L. McCorkle, Jr.

Garnie W. McGinty

Judith Paige Mitchell

Beth Moore

James Nolan

Morgan D. Peoples

Walker Percy

Tyler Perry

Marguerite Piazza

Robert E. Pierre

Katherine Anne Porter

Julien de Lallande Poydras

Matthew Randazzo V

Jean M. Redmann

Anne Rice

Cokie Roberts

Charles P. Roland

Chris Rose

Santy Runyon

Lawrence S. Salone

Martha Serpas

George W. Shannon

James Monroe Smith

Julie Smith

Ada Jack Carver Snell

Ruth McEnery Stuart

Marc Swayze

Beth Taylor

William Y. Thompson

Josh Tickell

John Kennedy Toole

Chris Tusa

Shirley Verrett

Douglas Turner Ward

Theodore Ward

Robert Penn Warren

Joanna Wayne

Rebecca Wells

Dara Wier

James Wilcox

Jarrett Williams

Sidney Williams

T. Harry Williams

Tennessee Williams

Jay Young
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