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List of California Writers Page 4
B. H. Fairchild

Marian Fairfax

Ceridwen Fallingstar

James Fallows

John Fante

Eliza Farnham

Thomas J. Farnham

Henry Farrell

Katie Ferris

Daniel Felsenfeld

Harvey Fergusson

Jean Ferris

Debbi Fields

Sheila Finch

Jack Finney

Carrie Fisher

M. F. K. Fisher

Molly Fisk

Thomas Flanagan

Martin Flavin

Paul Fleischman

Sid Flischman

Colin Fletcher

Andrew Fluegelman

D. C. Fontana

Kathryn Forbes

Betty Ford

Kevin Foster

Earlene Fowler

Leonard Roy Frank

Laura Jane Fraser

Walter F. Frear

Jack Fritscher

Rebecca Fromer

Robert Frost

Gyo Fujikawa

William Fulton
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