List of California Writers Page 2
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Sasha Cagen

James M. Cain

Paul Cain

David Callaham

Bebe Moore Campbell

Kevin Canty

Orson Scott Card

Robert D. Cardona

J. S. Cardone

David Carkeet

George Carlin

Richard Carlson

Bill Carter

Raymond Carver

Manuel Castella

Daniel Chacon

Raymond Chandler

Marie Chapian

James Chapman

Warren Chase

Sheldon Warren Cheney

Maxine Chernoff

Anson Chi

Ifeanyi Chijindu

Warren Christopher


Charles Cicchetti

Belo Cipriani

Kilarney Clary

Carol J. Clover

Keith Code

Lara Petusky Coger

Mark Coggins

Joe Cole

Wanda Coleman

Aaron Cometbus

Lynn Compton

Michael Connelly

Hope Cooke

T. Cooper

Jake Copass

Jack Coughlin

Phil Cousineau

Robert Crais

Christina Crawford

Alev Croutier

Cynthia Cruz

Jeanie Cunningham

John Curl

Tony Curtis

Clive Cussler
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