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List of Arkansas Writers
This page was last updated: November 7, 2012
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Margaret Adler
Larry D. Alexander
Maya Angelou
This page when complete will contain the names of Arkansas writers and/or links to their websites
Bernie Babcock
Karle Wilson Baker
Barbara Barg
Daisy Bates
Garland E. Bayliss
Melba Pattillo Beals
Alex Boulanger
Monte Boulanger
Robbie Branscum
Joe Bob Briggs
Kevin Brockmeier
Dee Brown
Helen Gurley Brown
Andrea Hollander Budy
Dolores Cannon
Henry E. Chambers
Nancy A. Collins
Freda Cruse Atwell
Lynn A. Davis

Laura Day

Henry Dumas

Michael G. Fitzgerald

Edsel Ford

Michael Foster

Francis Irby

Ellen Gilchrist

John Grisham

Laurell K. Hamilton

Donald Harrington

E. Lynn Harris

Mike Huckabee

Sarah Hudson-Pierce

George Johnson

Douglas C. Jones

Charles King

David Levering

Patricia Lieb

Ed Madden

Norris Church Mailer

Deborah Mathis

Carla Killough

Peter McGehee

Beth Moore

Gilbert Morris

Edgar Gardner Murphy

Steven Ozment

Robert Palmer

Charles Portis

Wesley Pruden

John Rollin Ridge

Melissa Scott

Ned Shank

George W. Shannon

Nancy Smyderman

Jack B. Sowards

Frank Stanford

John Robert Starr

Ruth McEnery Stuart

Charles Wileford

H. R. Williams

Miller Williams

C. Vann Woodard

Carolyn D. Wright

J. Lanier Yeates