List of Arizona Writers
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This page was last updated: November 7, 2012
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Sally Ball
Vee F. Browne
Mildred Clingerman
Michael Collier
Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton
Eduardo C. Corral
Kevin Cotter
Edwin Cranston
Dennis DeConcini
This page when complete will contain the names of Arizona writers and/or links to their websites
Milton H. Erickson

Eva Greenslit Anderson

Gloria Feldt

Alan Dean Foster

Norm Frauenheim

Rodney Glassman

Barry Goldwater

Steven Gould

William Greenleaf

Zane Grey

Sharlot Hall

Mark Harris

Jim Harrison

Jess Hartley

Joe Hayes

Kevin Hearne

Zenna Henderson

Sari Horwitz

Barry Hughart

T.R. Hummer

Peter Iverson

Jacqui Jacoby

Ryan David John

J. A. Jance

Adam Johnson

Chalmers Johnson

Fred Kabotie

Clarence Budington Kelland

Kathryne Kennedy

Robert Kiyosaki

Ken Lamberton

Douglas Layton

Katie Lee

Gordon Lish

Bentley Little

Dary Matera

John McCain

Meghan McCain

T. M. McNally

Jeffrey S. Medkeff

Stephanie Meyer

Tom Miller

Sylvester Mowry

Jerry Newport

Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Jack O'Connor

Barbara Park

Levi S. Peterson

Charles Debrille Poston

Dan Quayle

Marilyn Quayle

William Reinquist

Victor Reppert

Stacey Richter

Susan Sackett

Jeannine Savard

Mary Schmich

Richard Shelton

Sara Shepard

Richard Siken

Doug Stanhope

Mario Suarez

Glendon Swarthout

Alfredo Vela, Jr.

Jeanette Walls

Jennifer Ward

Betty Webb

Joy Williams