Jen Blackert, Speaker
Below is some background information about Jen to inform what she has done and what she is doing.  Included in the information is the topics for which she is available to speak.  If you wish to contact her for speaking arrangements click on the link below to her web site. 
Jen Blackert, has lectured, trained, coached, and inspired thousands of business owners in the last year. As a speaker, she has headlined events and hosted events.

Prior to launching her current consultancy, Jen spent 13 years in corporate America holding leadership and executive positions at large corporations including Emerson Process Management and Dell Computers.

Jen is the author of the book Seven Dragons: A guide to a limitless mind, which addresses the epidemic of information overload, attention deficient and addictions that cause us to feel unsuccessful, overwhelmed and hopeless. By mastering the seven dragons (mental integrity, overwhelm, attention deficit, decision making/procrastination, resistance, financial imbalances and unworthiness) we open ourselves up to a world of abundance. The Seven Dragons is not another book on balance, success tips, clarity or even consciousness; it is about eradicating mental patterns that are disruptive to our life's success. The book offers a series of profound self-coaching questions and journal opportunities so we can change behaviors and make better choices. She’s also a contributing author to Living the Law Of Attraction and How to Feel Great at Work Every Day.

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