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Integrity Do You Have It? Review Comments
This page was last updated: November 16, 2007
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This page is dedicated to e-books that I currently have for sale either through my site or sites that will process any orders for them. Below are some comments from readers of my book Integrity: Do You Have it? and Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition..
"I recently read the book by Dennis AuBuchon, Integrity Do You Have It? This was a highly readable book filled with examples of both high integrity and a total lack of this necessary attribute. Once started, it’s hard to put the book down. The author leads you from one fact-filled (and fun-filled) page to another. This book was infinitely more interesting than the typical textbook with dry facts. Occasionally, you say to yourself Is he kidding? and subsequently realize Mr. AuBuchon is totally serious. Integrity is more than a word to this author. It is a matter of honor. This book should be required reading for corporate America as well as political America."

    “Bravo and thank you Dennis for taking a fresh and in depth look at a timeless principle - integrity! Dennis reminds us that integrity is inarguable, self-evident and a natural law if you will. This book is so keenly aligned with our natural instincts to seek out those that demonstrate integrity as our most admired models. In Stephen Covey's newest release "The 8th Habit", he cautions that 90% of all leadership failures are character failures. Truly an integrity yardstick that I have already used to make my daily interactions more effective. Bob Huggins needs to take a look at this one!!!”

If you like what you have read below is a link to find out more detailed information about the ebook version of my book. The link will provide information and access to an excerpt (an entire chapter) from the book.  This excerpt will give an indication of the type of information that is included in the book. If you decide to purchase the book the option is available to make that decision. If you do decide to purchase the ebook, I wish to thank you in advance.  
"What makes this book stand out in the ethics literature is the expansion of the term "integrity" beyond the actions of individual human beings.  AuBuchon looks at, for instance, the integrity of computer data, engineering/manufacturing, education, politics, and journalism.  In his detailed examination of the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics, he includes attention to the crucial but often-forgotten idea of compassion for the people involved in a news story. 
Source for quote above:  Shel Horowitz is the author of Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People first and founder of the international Business Ethics Pledge campaign

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Book Review by Steven Lauck 

Book review was on Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition.