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Information Links
This site has information connected with a specific URL.
This site has the mechanism to check the links to a site, search engine saturation and key word analysis.
This site checks the page rank of specific pages of a web site.
This site has good articles about writing and marketing.
Has information relative to newspapers in the United States and the rest of the world.
Publishing News Sites
Writing Organizations
Through these site you can check the availability of your book (s) for sale including the location of the individual stores. Sites in which to check listing of books
Bookstore Web Page Listings
Bookseller Association Links
These are sites which provide up to date information on the publishing industry.
This is a partial lising of writing organizations that a writer may be interested in joining or accessing the information that is available on the individual sites. 
This is a list of various bookseller associations in the United States. It can be an aid in any marketing process of finding the location of various stores.
This is an information site where you can search by author of ISBN to find the availablity of specific books.  It includes many foreign locations and is constantly updated..
This page was last updated: December 7, 2007
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This site has a service to detect plagiarism for a small monthly fee.  Review to see if it meets your needs.  It has a good alexa traffic rank under 10,000 at the time of this posting.
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This site is considered resource central and has a page rank of 5 and a high volume rating on  Check it out 
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