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This purposes of this web site is listed below:
1.  To provide links and information to writers as an aid to help them in their quest to achieve their goals.  The information on this site is an attempt to provide links to various organizations and businesses which sell books, distributes them or has involvement with marketing..
2. To provide a mechanism to promote any books that I have had published and provide a mechanism to visitors so they may purchase them, if they so choose.o 
3. To post links to articles that I have had published so any prospective clients has examples of my writing. 
4. To post articles that would be beneficial to any writer visiting this site and others interested in the topics that I feel can have an impact on society.
5. To constantly add articles and links as I receive suggestions by visitors to this site to improve or add additional content to enhance the purposes of the site as mentioned above.
NOTE:  It is my intention to have information on this site to help others with the goal of getting published as others have helped me. Comments and information  I have received through various writing and marketing newsletters have greatly helped my growth as a writer and creating this web site.  Some of the newsletters are identified on applicable pages of this site and links are provided along with comments as to the type of information available on each..
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The links on this page are provided for easy access to any page on this site.  If you find any that do not work, please e-mail me and I will re-establish it.
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