Government Abbreviations F
FAA                   Federal Aviation Administration

Fannie Mae       Federal National Mortgage Association

Farmer Ma         Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

FAS                      Foreign Agricultural Service

FBI                      Federal Bureau of Investigatio

FCC                     Federal Communications Commission

FDA                     Food and Drug Adminstration

FDIC                   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FEBs                   Federal Executive Boards

FEC                     Federal Election Commission

FEMA                 Federal Emergency Management Agency

FERC                  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FFB                     Federal Financing Bank

FHA                     Federal Housing Administration

FHWA                  Federal Highway Administration

FIA                       Federal Insurance Administration

FICO                   Financing Corporation

FLRA                  Federal Labor Relations Authority

FMC                    Federal Maritime Commission

FMCS                  Federal Mediation and Concillation  Service

FMS                     Financial Management Service

FNCS                   Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services

FNMA                  Federal National Mortgage Association

FOIA                     Freedom of Information Act

FR                       Federal Register

FRS                      Federal Reserve System

FSA                      Farm Service Agency

FSIS                     Food Safety and Inspection Service

FSS                       Federal Supply Service

FTC                      Federal Trade Commission

FWS                     Fish and Wildlife Service

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