Government Abreviations C
C|3M       Command, Control, Communications and Intelligience

C|4|           Command, Control, Communications and Computers

C|4M        Command, Control, communications, computers and     

CBO         Congressional Budget Office

CCC          Commodity Credit Corporation

CDBG       Community Development Block Grant

CDC           Centers for Disease Control

CEA            Council of Economic Advisors

CEOS         Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (Justice)

CEQ            Council on Environmental Quality

CFA             Commission of Fine Arts

CFR           Code of Federal Regulations

CFTC         Commodity Futures Trading Commission

CIA            Central Intelligence Agency

CITES       Convention on International Trade and Endangered                          Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

CNO          Chief of Naval Operations

COPS         Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

CPSC          Consumer Product Safety Commission

CRS            Congressional Research Service

CSAP          Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

CSAT          Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

CSB            Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

CSE            Office of Child Support Enforcement

CSREES      Cooperative State Research, Education, and
                    Extension Service

CSS              Central Security Service
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