Glover Washington, Speaker
This page contains information about the author Glover Washington and his availability to speak on the topics listed below.  To contact Glover and get additional information you can access his web site provided below.
Men and Fatherhood

Husbands and wives impact on the community

The impact of infidelity on children

Child support debt cancellation

Divine Fitness and Nuitrition

Glover is a Christian husband and father who wrote a book "Shame's Anatomy", about family politics, and the keys to restoration according to God.

Shame's Anatomy takes a risky, unique approach to solving the problem of broken families and its consequences, by using a Proverbial response to abandonment, infidelity, and fatherly love and character.
The book researches the origin of the breakup of the family,and divorce,as well as who benefits by it:satan.

He is a fitness trainer, former professional boxer, and limo driver. I was personal driver for Tony Robbins for about a year. Mr. Robbins is a blessed man who has dedicated his life to helping and inspiring others to "reach for the stars"!

His clientele includes hip hop artists,tv and movie stars, well known authors, athletes, and many others.

Why he  wrote the book:
Did Lincoln free the slaves?

Like so many others, he came from a broken home.I found that many broken homes share the same characteristics. The answers are simple and time -tested, yet many fail to learn what they are.

It is his intention to share what he has learned so that he can be a blessing to others.
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