This page contains information about the authors George and Sharon Billington and their availability to speak on various topics.  Below is a link to their web site:
Loss of relationships through death,
loss of health and
loss of finances

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Below are the subjects on which George and Sharon Billington are available to speak
The information provided below about George and Sharon Billington is being provided to become familiar with who they are and what they do.  The topics listed on this page are ones on which Sharon and George are available to speak. .  To contact them click on their web site link above for more details on their available locations.    
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My husband George and I are ordained and serve as Christian Counselors who are passionate about helping hurting seekers and believers recover emotionally. Ours is a great commandment ministry, and our counseling is about developing balanced, healthy relationships with God, others and self.

We were inspired to develop a truly unique and effective counseling tool that we use in our sessions that can also be used privately in self help situations. It's an emotional recovery workbook for Christians. It's easy to follow, it's simply written, and it's transformed many lives. We pray it ministers to you and those you care about.

When you visit our site, you can order the workbook. You'll also find emotional recovery tips and tools as well as suggestions on how to seek safe support. We look forward to supporting you in any way we can and sharing God's awesome love with you.

Our outreaches include Christian Counseling (a good deal of it is pro bono: we have never turned anyone away who truly is ready and willing to make the changes needed to free them to be and do all that God wants them to be and do), writing emotional recovery tools from a Christian perspective like the workbook we talked about here, and encouraging groups of all sizes that God loves them, wants to be in relationship with them and wants them to be set free from who or what hurt them so they can be and do all that God has planned for their lives.

George and Sharon Billington, Speakers.