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I have not done this yet.

Background information
I grew up military and married military. My father, on the last day I saw > him alive at a Bangkok airport in the early 1960's told me, "Don't trust the government." My husband before his death told me, "I hate to leave you behind because you will know life in a 1984 Orwellian society."

Considering the words of these two men, I would have to say my philosophy has been formed by their influence. We the people must awaken or we are going to end up in a 1984 society from hell called: Agenda 21.

Our fat pocket politicians could care less because they are nothing more than a political party puppet show of lies and corruption put on for the tax payers. The only way to see through their lies is to realize these criminals don't work for the American people. Once you dare to stop participating in their lie, go up on that stage, past the dancing and talking head puppets and open that back stage door, only then will you
then realize what is really going on.

The puppet master is in reality the globalist bankers of the Illuminati, and in our modern day they are known as The Group or the Bilderberg Group.

There are many fine truth sayers out there for you to learn far more than I can tell you in this short time span. But before you start on your own quest as I have done, you must do this. You are going to have to start
disconnecting yourself and your family from the matrix of lies designed to control you by turning off their indoctrination tool known as the mainstream media.

This is best done by turning off the TV! Sorry to be repetitive but this is what it takes to detox your brain cells, and stop being the globalists financial slave. After a while of finding better things to do with your life, you will be able to see a different world all around you.

I will leave you here at the start of this truth trail with a quote from David Icke and his book of the same title: "Human Race Get off Your Knees."

Media Appearances:

This I have not done but would like to accept interviews. Until I have reached my goal of becoming a full time writer, physical interviews will be difficult.

Speaking Topics:

Illuminati and their New World Order plans for humanity called: Agenda 21 501c3 Corporate Church: The whore that rides the beast.
Big Pharma + Big Medical = Eugenics Healthcare for Profit

Do you have any limitations on speaking engagements such as location?

I have done book signings in Artesia, New Mexico but this is not very cost effective for me or the bookstore. I am seeking a better venue for my platform and currently the Internet and like minded radio programs are my target.

Presently I am work camping weekends and holidays at a desert RV park in the remote New Mexico desert. This limits me to days during the week and with the gas prices and hotel fees this is not cost effective.

What I can do is telephone interviews and the park has offered me access to a phone for a better connection. I am under contract with this park until July 1st of 2014 and will then be working as a full time writer. But
all of this depends on another finger of the Agenda 21 hand called ObamaCare.

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D.M. Simonds
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