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I have been a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhist philosophy for 10 years which has spurred my interest in neuroscience, quantum physics, subconscious mind programming, hypnosis, Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine. It is my strong belief we are all energy but we are not taught how to harness our power to create value for ourselves and others. Value creation is a skill like any other and anyone can learn to create value from even the harshest of circumstances; responsibility is not a burden it is a tool for liberation.

Media Appearances:

I have been featured in:; The; Ebony magazine, The Washington Times, InSpirit!; the Attitude Shift Show(blogtalkradio); Thank God For Mondays (WSOU)

Speaking Topics:

Transforming Obstacles

Spirituality on the Run

Best and Worst Dates Ever

How Music Can Affect Dates

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Turning Tears to Diamonds

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Life and Legacy

Dennis:  Do you have any limitations on speaking engagements such as location?

CassandraYes, my current travel limitation is the Eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Virginia.  
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