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Bradley J. Stewart was raised in Topanga Canyon, California, the fifth of eight children. He harbored an interest for writing since his childhood in the sixties when his seventh grade teacher said, “You have a natural style for writing.

One day many years later, fate stepped in with a writing assignment from his daughter’s middle school, which she had forgotten to do. With only a few days to complete the assignment, they worked together day and night. Three days later, she received an “A.” Two years later, Stewart completed the storyline of Kayak Reef: Eye of the Arctic.

For over thirty years, Stewart has been involved in the building trades. Two of many U. S. government projects he worked on were the replacement of the Hoover Dam turbines and the reconstruction of the Panama Canal. Ten years after completing preconstruction assessments for the Hoover Dam venture, he stood on top of the dam and witnessed the enormous turbines being lowered hundreds of feet into the magnificent Colorado River Canyon. His correspondence with organizations on many levels, and his sense of plot and suspense have contributed to his writing technique.                        
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Inuit Nation and their fight to sustain the Arctic environment and wildlife
D I D  Y O U  K N O W ?

Did  you  know,  today in  the  Inuit  civilization  there is  a  two-fold dynamic brewing? Yes, on  one  side  their  nation  has  a  very  high  per-capita  suicide   rate.  On  the other side  of  their  spectrum,  is  a world  of  young  people  dedicated  to  a  mission
for  earth.

Young  adults  on a  mission  in life  are  a  catalyst  from  which come our brightest lights.  They're  filled   with  self   esteem,  purpose  and   family  values.  As   they selflessly  engage  in  the  ancestral  tradition  to  their  environment, one can't  help from  being  encouraged  with  a  sense of  wonder  and  Imagination.

Inside   our   deepest  emotions  where   sensitivity  to  the  smallest  details  arise, comes  vision   and through  this,  change!  Such  a  place  instantly brings  about  inspiration  on  a  proactive  stage  that matches  only   those   highest  reaches in our faith.  A platform  so  hot  with  inner  strength  we're  humbled inside  just   envisioning their  world. Moreover,  as you  step out  into the  light everyday,  ready to  complete the  tasks that  lay  in  front of you,  come days  end, you're  blessed  by  a  sensation of  pride.

A  movement set  in motion  can  cast eyes  around the  planet channeling  it  back   to your   very   spirit.  Consider   the  Inuit  ways.  Their   sons  and   daughters  have  expressly  sustained  the  Arctic  for  hundreds  of  years.  Their  hidden  world  is  so  
inspiring,  if   you  step in, you'll frequently  see monumental   achievements  protecting  the  mystical  Arctic   environment,  and   a  culture  which  sees  well  beyond the  riches  of  keeping  earth  clean.

The legend  of 1888, in Kayak Reef; Eye of the Arctic, is real life, but  it is the teens' mission that  pivots  on  the  secret  story's  theme  and  in  the  mind  of  the reader.

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