The Missing Anthropoid
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There are many chasm between east, and west, between science and belief, rich and poor, but also
many bridges across these chasms.

The Missing Anthropoid shows some of these chasms and bridges, and the horror that often lurks just below the surface.  With Middle East, milleu, The Missing Anthropoid is written from the inside, not by a tourist or a politician.

Below is some information on this book.  The description is taken from the back cover.  I have read this book and the story builds throughout and leaves you wanting more at the end.  I highly recommend it.  . 
The Legend of Jacquez Is Born
One of the purposes of my site was to help other authors.  This author contacted me and asked if I would provide information/link to his book.  The link above will take you to a site which has more information about his book and himself. 
This page was last updated: November 6, 2007
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