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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of sites that do author interviews.  These will include those on which I have been interviewed and others that I have found through the Internet.   More will be added as they are discovered and reviewed for quality characteristics and requirements.  You must contact each site and review the requirements for an interview to be completed.  Not all sites will apply to your specific type of writing.  Some sites only do certain categories while others so several.  Review the type of interviews that are conducted and make a decision as to whether the site is a fit for your needs.  

It is important to remember that all interviews that are completed bring you a little more exposure.  The more the site has in visitors the more exposure you receive.  As you do interviews the more you do the more comfortable you will become and project a better image of you and your expertise. 
Achieve Radio
I have been interviewed on this site on August 8, 2006.  It is a good resource for getting marketing tips through other authors.  The quality of the interviews on this site is great.  Check them out. The host for my interview was Francine Silverman.
This page was last updated: August 20, 2013
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This is a podcast site for interviews.  I was interviewed on this program and it was great.
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Internet Voices Radio program hose Lillian Cauldwell
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