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This page was last updated: December 26, 2008
This page provides links to sites where articles can be submitted for marketing and exposure.
This page has articles that can be reprinted free and any conditions are noted in the article.  Typically the resource box and the article must remain in tact. Articles include mine and other writers.
This page has articles that I have written, some published and others not.  Any conditions for reprint is provided in the articles.
This page provides links to all published articles that I have written.
This page provides articles by other writers that I have received through e-mail for free publication.  I have left the article complete along with the resource box attached to them.
Articles Web Sites
This page provides links to sites which I feel are a good source for articles on various topics.
My Syndicated Articles
This page contains syndicated articles that I have written.  If you wish to syndicate these articles you must click on the link provided for each article.  Below is a list of the syndicated articles located on this page.
Free Speech and Integrity
Free Speech and Expression of Holiday Greetings
Integrity in Election Ballots
Integrity in Ethics Committee Investigations
Integrity in Data
Integrity in State Legislation
Recognize People for their ethics and integrity
Up and Down Gas Prices
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American Chronicle Articles
This page contains links to all my American Chronicle Articles. past, present and future.  Some articles are posted and others are being added.