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Angela Posey-Arnold RN BSN is a published Christian Author and retired RN. In addition to an array of writing projects she owns the web site that features her writing and her new book, The Nightingale Protocol.

Angela lives with her husband of 20 years in beautiful Northwest Alabama on 12 acres of woods adjacent to the Bankhead National Forest and the Tennessee River. Her log home is right in the middle of those 12 acres. Her writing and music studio, Pebble East Studios, is located in the loft of the log home.-The peace and serenity of her surroundings are conducive to the pursuit of her passions, Christian writing and music.

She has been playing the piano since the age of 8 and currently is the resident pianist at Courtland Baptist Church, in historic Courtland Alabama.

She is widely published with 2 Christian Non-fiction Books, many short stories and Christian articles, devotionals and poetry.

Her work is also being published in a nursing professional anthology and other collections. She is a regular contributing writer for the popular e-zine,

Visit her web site at, her blog at or her personal news network at

Author of the newly released book for nurses and caregivers, THE NIGHTINGALE PROTOCOL, is available by sending her an email or at major online book retailers and local bookstores in her area.

Her first book, The Lions and the Adders by Anna Grace Poschet’ was self published and is available on Amazon.

Currently: WIP--Christian Fiction Book, Research and development phase. I am a contributing writer for SonRise Writer's Group's ezine I freelance articles and short stories and have recently been accepted into publication by Kaplan publishing for a series of books on Nursing.

She has been asked to speak June 14th at a Share Group Ladies Meeting at her church. Speaking is a stretching of God on her life. It is somewhat out of her comfort zone but He sure does give her alot to say!!

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Southeast USA--(this depends actually on whether it is a paid engagement or not.

She lives in North Alabama and would travel around this area. North Alabama/Southern Tennessee/West Mississippi. Maybe Atlanta, Georgia.
Below is some information about the author Angela Posey-Arnold and what she has done and what she has been doing.  She is available to speak on the topics listed below.  If after reading about Angela you want to contact her for a speaking engagement you can click on her web site below.

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