An Interview with W.W. Brock
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Dennis:  How long have you been a writer and how did you get started?

W. W. Brock:I have been writing since the early 1960s, but restricted my writing to the occasional poem, short story, thesis, or term paper. It was not until I retired to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2010 that I took on the challenge of writing my first novel.

Dennis:   What type of writing do you do?

W. W. Brock:  I like to call my work “realistic fiction” since the technical details of the characters and equipment are accurate, the locations are real places accessible to the reader, but the stories are absolute fiction based on a little truth.

Dennis:  You have written a book titled “COUGAR!”.  Please give an overview of your book and why you decided to write it and what you want people to take from it when they read it?

W. W. Brock: From the back cover of “COUGAR!”:

“When two South Carolina Department of Natural Resources officers are called to the site of a car accident to view a body that has been partially eaten by a wild animal, they cannot begin to imagine that the race against the clock to stop a man eater before it kills again will also uncover a conspiracy that has tentacles reaching deep into the highest levels of government and could change the future of hunting in the United States. With their lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk and government corruption affecting their agency, Captain Robert Pike and Sergeant Michael Tucker must face the realization that there may no longer be anywhere left to turn for help. Packed with nonstop action, romance and intrigue, COUGAR! is a story of ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances who find the strength to adapt and overcome against all odds.”

I have heard stories of cougar sightings in the South Carolina lowlands for years, although the South Carolina DNR adamantly denied their existence. With the re-introduction of various large predator species back into areas of the United State now populated with people making the news for several years, I thought that exploring a fictional conspiracy involving this re-population was timely. I also wanted to develop a set of main characters that were not larger than life, but reflected the basic Christian values of the area, and that would be easy for the average reader to identify with. 

Dennis:  What are your future writing plans?

W. W. Brock: I am working on a sequel to “COUGAR!” and may continue the main characters into other adventure stories.

Dennis:  Do you belong to any social networking sites?

W. W. Brock:  I have an author’s presence on Facebook (W.w.Brock and COUGAR!) and Twitter

Dennis:  What suggestions do you have for other writers/authors?

W. W. Brock:  I believe that every person has a story worth telling, but the cares of the world seem to have a way of keeping  us from writing. My advice would be to first sit down and write that story, then second, contact Angela Hoy at That was easily the best decision that I have made. A more detailed and recent article can be found at:

Dennis:  What kind of marketing activities have worked for you that you might suggest to others?

W. W. Brock Until I took a hiatus last September the first to work in a food ministry in central Tennessee for a season, I used the guidelines from Angela and Richard Hoy’s “90 Days of Promoting Your Book Online”, and made contacts in several small bookstores local to Myrtle Beach, SC. Word of mouth from contented readers seemed to sell a few also. So my main suggestion would be to make certain that what you write is pleasing to the target audience, and follow your publisher’s suggestions.

Dennis:  Do you write articles?  If yes, please provide some links where others can read what you have written?

W. W. Brock:  I have a blog site at: where I tell hunting and fishing tales, and other stories that are of interest to my readers.

Dennis:   Is there anything else you would like to add to include in this interview? Basically what would you want others to take away from this interview?

W. W. Brock:  I believe that it is the responsibility of a good writer to not only deliver material that the reader won’t want to put down, but to also deliver material that reflects tradition morality in its characters, something that seems to be a lost art in America today. With that in mind, and also knowing that my work has to compete with blood soaked vampire/zombie love fests, I want to deliver books that will not only entertain today’s readers, but might just instill in some young person the desire to read more and explore more, much like Jules Verne, Jack London, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a host of others did for me.
W.W. Brock
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