An Interview with Richard Mueller
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Dennis:  How long have you been a writer and how did you get started

Richard: I had dabbled with writing while in high school but took it up seriously after retiring from the pizza business in 2002.
Dennis: What type of writing do you do?

Richard:  I write mostly short stories --mostly humorous  ,some biographical, some fiction --lots of them involving events which occured during my years in the pizza business.

Dennis: You have written a book along with others titled Texas Island Style.  Please give an overview of your book and why you decided to write it and what you want people to take from it when they read it?

Richard: Our writers group-- Port Aransas Pens-  from Port Aransas,Texas decided to publish a a collection featuring our writings ,poetry and songs lyrics.

There are several individuals involved with the book Texas Island Style.  Please give an overview about the group and how you came together to write the book.

Our group consists of writers from around the US with a variety of life experiences and points of view.

Dennis:  What are your future writing plans?

Richard:  All of us plan to continue writing and publishing  --whether together or individually-is an open question.
Dennis:  Do you belong to any social networking sites?

Richard:  A little facebook,and twitter --but not much

Dennis:  What suggestions do you have for other writers/authors?
Richard: This has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. We are happy with our book and would recommend Booklocker to any other authors considering such a project.
Dennis:  What kind of marketing activities have worked for you that you might suggest to others?

Richard:    Our main marketing efforts have involved book signings,press relases, and networking family and friends around the country. .

Dennis:  Do you write articles?  If yes, please provide some links where others can read what you have written?
Richard:  Several of our writers have had  stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Many of my stories have been and are still  available on Fan Story .com -- writer richie m

Dennis:  Is there anything else you would like to add to include in this interview? Basically what would you want others to take away from this interview?

Richard: The Texas Island Style project has been an enjoyable experience-- I would recommend a project of this nature to other writers -- We scoped out the independent publishing scene for months before settling on Booklocker and they did a top notch job.
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